In the International Press Center of the 1st Winter Children of Asia Games young journalists work on an equal footing with adults. About 30 school students from Sakhalin and Yakutia are writing notes, articles, and reports. The junior media staff have already received accreditation and are ready to bring on the coverage of the Games’ events right from the scene.

The Games junior media consists of the best young reporters. The Sakhalin part of the junior press center was formed during ‘Young Journalist’ media camp, in autumn of 2018. About 70 Sakhalin school kids from 15 districts of the region gathered there. The islanders studied the basics of journalism, attended tutorials of famous Sakhalin reporters, cameramen, and photographers. Staff of the Children of Asia Games also provided lectures. Following the camp, 13 best students were selected to join the junior international press center.

The same number of guys came from Yakutia. The guys studied on the basis of the Om Media School in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Experience of working in the press center of the International Science Games, which were held in Yakutsk in 2018, was a good training for the students. The selection also took into account their knowledge of foreign languages, skills of working with graphic and video editing software.

The Leader of the junior press center is an experienced Yakutian media manager, Ms. Valentina Nikolaeva.