The star of figure skating at the Children of Asia Games was a student of the legendary Ms.Eteri TUTBERIDZE, who brought up more than one Olympic champion. “The Plant”, as the coach herself calls her group, has released Daniel SAMSONOV. At the Games, an athlete broke the record of Shoma UNO, dated by the Junior World Championships in Tallinn. For the short program, the skater received 84.95 points, and after a random program he scored 238.06 points. Mr. Evgeni PLUSHENKO called the 13-year-old skater a wunderkind. The athlete does not share this view.

— I don’t celebrate too much, I don’t allow myself to relax. It is necessary to work further, ahead is the Moscow Championship, the Spartakiad Games and the following season in which I plan to act on the Junior Grand Prix,-the winner Daniil SAMSONOV speaks.

The goal of the athlete is to show a clean iceskating at each competition. For this, he trains every day for about 6 hours. However, one diligence is not enough, an athlete is sure that it is important to love what you are doing.

— I am glad that I do figure skating. I like to do jumps, spins. Favorite elements are lutz, flip, and indeed all jumping. I believe that there can be no favorite element, because if you do not love him, then you do not work on it. And you have to work out everything.

At the Children of Asia Games Daniel won the gold medal. The athlete thanks his parents, fans and, of course, the coaching staff for his victories. About the mentor, the figure skater responds modestly, but with respect.

— Almost 100% of my victories are the work of a coach. He prompts, talks about mistakes and adjusts at competitions. Ms.Eteri GEORGIEVNA is very picky. She wants us to go to the start every time and show what we do in training. And when she explains mistakes, we are more like friends to communicate.

For Daniel, the Children of Asia Games became the first international competition in his career. The young man considers this a unique experience.

— I liked the Games very much. This is my first international start and I was interesting to compete with foreigners. And with athletes from India we made friends and exchanged contacts on social networks. I hope we will communicate.