Length of the relay race was 2 km 300 m. The torch keepers Mr. Roman TRUBETSKOY, Ms. Karina GLEBOVA and Mr. Ilias NURGALIYEV brought the flame of the Games to the Ordzhonikidze Square. Honored guests were already waiting for them: Head of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) Mr. Aisen NIKOLAYEV, Chair of the Government of Yakutia Mr. Vladimir SOLODOV, Mayor of Yakutsk City Ms. Sardana AVKSENTIEVA, President of the Children of Asia Games International Committee Mr. Dmitry GLUSHKO, Deputy Minister of Sport, Tourism and Youth Policy of Sakhalin Region Mr. Yegor UMNOV and two-time Olympic Champion in biathlon, Ambassador of the Games Ms. Anna BOGALIY.

Mr. Aisen NIKOLAYEV expressed his confidence that the torch relay of the Games in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk would be the beginning of a new winter era of Children of Asia Games.
Yakutians are proud that back in 1996 the Republic initiated the 1st Summer Children of Asia International Sports Games. It has been 22 years, and we have witnessed a historic event – start of Winter Games. I am grateful to Sakhalin Region and its people for this initiative. From friendship in sports to peace on earth!” — he said.
Mr. Aisen NIKOLAYEV was the first to receive the right to light a torch, and then handed it over to the Mayor, who handed the torch to the reliable hands of the first torchbearer.

The relay passed along Lenin Avenue, along the streets of Kirov and Lermontov, and finished at Ellei Botur Ice Palace. It is here that the torch will remain for storage at the sports museum, and the fire will be located at the sports center till December 29. Every resident of Yakutsk can take a picture with it.

-Today is the start of the Torch Relay of the 1st Winter Children of Asia Games. On December 31, at midnight, it will arrive in the island region, where it will be carried through all 18 municipalities of the region. Sakhalin region is ready for such a significant event. We will make every effort to ensure that everything goes at the highest level, — said Deputy Minister Mr. Yegor UMNOV.

The Torch Relay involves 10 torchbearers. All of them have achieved success in sports and have repeatedly represented the Republic at various competitions. This is Olympic freestyle wrestling champion Mr. Pavel PINIGIN, 6-time champion of Yakutia in cross-country skiing Mr. Albert TROFIMOV, a veteran of sports, chair of the State Sports Committee of the YASSR (1977-1986) Mr. Afanasii ALEKSEYEV, champion of Russia and master of sports of the Russian Federation in biathlon Ms. Nadezhda ELISEYEVA, master of sports of the Russian Federation in athletics, champion of Russia Ms. Diana ADASKO, coach of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) ice hockey united team Mr. Nikita DRUZHININ, candidate for master of sports in freestyle wrestling Mr. Valery ANDROSOV, hockey player and future participant of the Winter Children of Asia Games Mr. Konstantin YESAULOV, short-tracker and future participant of the Winter Children of Asia Games Mr. Yaroslav FYODOROV, skier and future participant of the Winter Children of Asia Games Mr. Vasily SIVTSEV.