The Torch Relay of Children of Asia International Games took place in Iturup. Right after the festive event the torch was handed over to Kuril Islands residents. This gift as the evidence of a unique event was received by Mr. Vadim ROKOTOV, Acting Head of the district.

Later the meeting took place with Mr. Alexey BYKOV, representative of the Organizing Committee of Games, and a torchkeeper Ms. Karina GLEBOVA, who arrived from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

– Kuriles are considered to be the region of the Far North, the area with difficult climatic conditions. At the same time, we are full-fledged part of our big homeland, – told Mr. Vadim ROKOTOV. – The residence with special enthusiasm supported so large-scale event. I am sure that for all of us this event will become a powerful impulse to development and promoting of sport and also a healthy lifestyle. Annually, in this district, competitions of different levels are held and residents actively participate in it.

Municipal governments plan to create additional conditions for doing different types of sports. The residents’ particular attention is directed to development of alpine skiing.

-Last year one of the best experts in the world in the field of making skiing tracks came to us from Norway. We are ready to advance the idea of opening the international ski seasons on the island. There are magnificent mountains here and after skiing, it is possible to go to hot springs at once. I think we will surely win the worthy place as a jewel in a sports crown of the Sakhalin region, — noted Mr. Vadim ROKOTOV.