The route of the torch relay presented on Sakhalin

My History Historical Park hosted a torch relay presentation today. Finally, the torch keepers’ names have been revealed.
The relay will start 50 days before the Winter Children of Asia International Sports Games. Traditionally, lighting takes place according to the ancient customs in Yakutia — the homeland of the Games. The ceremony will be held in the Lena Pillars National Park on December 22. From there, the flame will be delivered to the capital of the Republic – Yakutsk, where the torch relay will be proceeding along the central streets of the city on December 23.

— Little time left till the start of the Winter Children of Asia International Sports Games. In the soonest hundreds of athletes will arrive in the capital of the Games — Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. The flame will be set 50 days before the start. This ritual is always followed and kept. All residents of Sakhalin will be able to witness this movement and be a part of this event – said Mr. Vladimir MAKSIMOV, Director General of the Games Administration.
On New Year’s eve, when the chimes strike 12, the symbol of the Games will arrive at the main square of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. After it will be passed to the regional government for temporary storage. From the very moment the flame is set, the torch keepers will be accompanying it throughout the Relay. They are three Sakhalin athletes keeping the beauty of sports, active life position and healthy lifestyle with themselves. It is doubly symbolic that two of them are participants of Summer Children of Asia Games.
— Mr. Roman TRUBETSKOY, Head of the torch keepers group of the 1st Winter Children of Asia International Sports Games, Master of Sports of Russia, winner of Summer Children of Asia Games 2004;
— Ms. Karina GLEBOVA, a torch keeper, Master of Sports in Athletics, member of the Russian national team, finalist of Summer Children of Asia Games 2008.
— Mr. Ilyas NURGALIEV, a torch keeper, Candidate of Master of Sports in Athletics, winner and finalist of the far Eastern and all-Russian competitions.
— This is a very responsible and honorable mission. When I received an offer from the Administration, it did not take me a long time to accept it. You put a uniform on and understand that it is history and I am a part of it, — said Ms. Karina GLEBOVA.
— I will skip my studies for the sake of this event. Thanks to my teachers for allowing me to participate in these events. I will learn everything and pass it, — said Mr. Ilyas NURGALIEV.
The keepers are responsible for safety and keeping the flame lit during the relay. Athletes will be accompanying the flame the whole way: from the moment of lighting in Yakutia till the opening ceremony of the Games. During the running stage they will help to pass the flame of the Winter Children of Asia Games 2019 from fire to fire. They will have to cover 4112 km.
The torch relay starts on January 7th in Sakhalin. On this day, the symbol of the Games will go to the Kuril Islands and on January 18th the flame will move along Sakhalin, from the northernmost city of the island — Okha.
— I congratulate on this historic event. I want to note that the torch relay is released specifically for the Games and is made in a shape of Sakhalin region including the Kuril Islands. 32 torches have been produced in total, and they will remain in each district of Sakhalin Region, where the fire will take place, — said Mr. Egor UMNOV, Deputy Minister of Sports, Tourism and Youth Policy of Sakhalin Region.
The symbol of Games will be carried by torchbearers in every town. 360 people will take part in it. The list includes outstanding athletes, politicians, organizers of the Games and other honored guests. By analogy with the Olympic flame, it will arrive in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk on February 9th when the opening ceremony of Winter Children of Asia Games will take place.
The clothes for torchbearers were presented today. It is made of modern and technological fabrics that will not allow them to freeze.
The 1st Winter Children of Asia International Sports Games is the only sports project in Russia, which is held under the patronage of International Olympic Committee. In our city, the Games serve as a preparatory stage for Winter Youth Olympic Games 2020 to be held in Lausanne.