The symbol  procession of large-scale sports competitions in Sakhalin Region began with the South Kuril urban district. Today the flame was delivered by Mr. Roman Trubetskoy, a torchkeeper – the master of Sports of Russia in athletics, the winner of the Summer Children of Asia Games, as well as Mr. Anton Vorotylyak and Mr. Anton Lazarev — Sakhalin athletes.

20 torchbearers take part in the relay from the South Kuril – 12 on Kunashir, and 8 on Shikotan. Among them, Evgenia Lykova-Izotova – physical education instructor and winner of  the «Teacher of the Year – 2018» contest.

— I am honored to carry the Flame of Children of Asia Games. I could not even dream about this, and I am here today, I am a part of the history – she said.

Mr. Sergey Urusov – participant of All-Russian Youth Military-Patriotic public movement «Unarmia» is also among torchbearers.

— I watched the Olympic relay races on TV. I have never been thinking me to take part in such action, – he told.

South Kuril residents also came there to meet the Flame.

— All our family is here today. This event is not to be missed. I want to take a picture to keep it in our memories. And if I also will be allowed to hold a torch and to be photographed with them, my mission will be completed at all, – said Mr. Alexey Pavlov from Kunashir.

The relay will continue on Shikotan on January 8, , and on January 9 – on Iturup. The torchkeepers get to the North Kuril, Paramushir, on 12 January.The relay procession will start from Okha to all Sakhalin municipalities on 18 January. The relay will finish in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk on February 8-the opening of the Games.

In total, more than 370 torchbearers – athletes, politicians, organizers of the games and other guests of honor will take part in the procession. They have to overcome 4112 km.

It should be reminded that the Flame of the Games was lit at its competition home — in Yakutia, in Lena Pillars National Park. On new year’s eve, the Flame with a burning flame was delivered to Sakhalin and handed over to Mr. Valery Limarenko, Head of the island region.

The 1st Winter Children of Asia International Sports Games will be held in the regional center from 8 to 17 February for the first time. 20 countries, more than 1,300 athletes, 600 judges, 1,000 volunteers will take part in the games. Athletes will be competing for 91 sets of medals in 8 sports: cross-country skiing and biathlon, short track, figure skating, hockey, alpine skiing and snowboarding, ski jumping.

The 1st Winter Children of Asia International Sports Games – the only sports project in Russia, which is held under the patronage of the International Olympic Committee. These competitions will be the preparatory stage for the Winter Youth Olympic Games 2020, which will be held in Lausanne.