The Honorary President of the Federation of Ski- Jumping and Nordic Combined of Russia, Honored Worker of Physical Culture and Sports of the RSFSR and the main member of the competition referee board  Mr. Vladimir SLAVSKIY dedicated the book to the1st Winter Children of Asia International Sports Games.

-In this book I reflected all my love and gratitude to the Kurilians and Sakhalin residents for the fact that even after 40 years they did not forget about me and my work, and described the history of the Federation of Ski-Jumping and Nordic Combined of Russia, — says the author.

In the pages of the book you’ll be able to see personal photos of Vladimir Slavsky, clippings from magazines and learn the history of Sakhalin sports.

— There are no random photos in this book. Every photo, every word in the text carries a meaning. So, for example, the cover photo depicts the coast, where used to be the maternity hospital, where the son of Vladimir Slavskiy was born, and the words ‘Hurry to do good things’ from the back cover is the credo, which he follows in life.

-This is my soul, my feelings, I have always strived to do good things, — the author added.