A whole range of shows at the Children of Asia Games platform was continued by Terry (Oleg TERNOVOY) – the winner of the Songs TV show by TNT Channel, and a member of the Black Star independent label. The rising star delivered his popular hits, and also presented a new single titled ‘It’s Easy to Be With You’.

– Today was very cool. Despite the fact that the weather is quite cold, the people are very friendly and really warmed me up with their love on stage today, – the singer said after his performance.

The singer’s life is almost not related to sports. As a kid, he was engaged in Greco-Roman wrestling, but he did not know much about winter sports. This is not surprising, because the singer was born in Uzbekistan, where most of the time it’s very hot. Now Oleg has completely devoted himself to music, so there is almost no time for something else. But although the singer is far from sports, he is very pleased that he was invited to such an event.

– I think it is very important to hold such events. In general, I think you need to pay special attention to the younger generation and to occupy their minds and free time with sports and studying. After all, children are our future, – the singer continued.

For the musician, an athlete means a person with great willpower.

– An athlete is like a performing artist, they represent some region, some city, some country, so they must set a good example for youth. That is, an athlete must be a good person, – said Oleg.

Recall, concerts of Russian stars are held on the stage of the Cultural Park, near the Sakhalin Region Government House. Already on February 15, Sakhalin locals will have a chance to see a show by Jay Mar – another participant of the Songs TV show produced by TNT Channel. It will start immediately after the Medal Ceremony, which starts daily at 8 p.m.