Temporary One-way Driving to Gorniy Vozdukh Ski Resort

Starting from December 25, Gornolyzhnaya Street, located behind Spartak Stadium, will be operating in one-way regime. Drivers will have to drive one way up to the junction with the Holy Martyr Illarion Troitsky Street, which is located near ‘Russia – My History’ Park. This was announced during a press conference with the hosts of the 1st Winter Children of Asia International Sports Games. Mr. Vitaly BASHLIY, Senior Advisor of the Regional Ministry of Transport, was also present.

— We decided to introduce this restriction early, so that the locals are accustomed to the new regime. Perhaps, if the locals like it, we shall adopt this change as a permanent one, — said Mr. BASHLIY.

At the time of the International Games, it is also planned to shut-off the passage by Detskaya Street to Gora Parkovaya Skiing Center (Gorodukha). Local residents shall also not be able to access Skiing and Biathlon Center from Gorky Street on their personal cars. These driveways will be rserved for parking. Traffic police crews and tow trucks shall be on duty at problem spots.

— This is a widespread practice. At the Olympic Games, you have to walk several kilometers to watch an event,’ — said Mr. Vladimir MAKSIMOV. — A lot depends on the spectators’ attitude as well. If everyone comes and just leaves their car, it will eventually lead to traffic jams and emergency situations. We have to start the change with ourselves.

Participants, judges, and administrators of the Games will be travelling around the city on special shuttle buses. Same as for the WorldSkills Championship Municipal Transportation Company will be providing 40 buses for this purpose. This shall not infringe the availability of daily transportation for residents.

Shuttles will be departing every 7-10 minutes and driving along a circle route. Shuttle routes in both directions shall go along Lenin St – Mira St – Purkaeva St – Gorky St – Detskaya St — Altaysky Lane – Gornolyzhnaya St (near the entrance to the Center).

A temporary parking lot for shuttles and a pedestrian crossing shall be arranged at Altaysky Lane near Ski Jumping Center, so drivers are asked to be careful and strictly keep to the speed limit.

— We are making all possible efforts not to interfere with the daily transportation routine within the city. Routes are designed with a view to avoid any shut-offs or restrictions in the downtown. Temporary restrictions shall be introduced mainly on the roads neighboring our sports venues, — said Mr. MAKSIMOV.

Traffic restrictions are also planned on February 9 at a section from Lenin Square to the Victory Memorial. The Torch Relay of the Games shall pass along this section from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. More detailed information regarding restrictions on the roads of the region’s capital shall be announced before the start of the sports event.