Today, Filippine athletes decided to get acquainted with the most popular places of the regional center and Korsakov. The athletes visited Sakhalin Technical Sports Center. Guests from a warm country are not used to the Russian winter, and snow fields and cold air were new for them. They enjoyed making angels in the snow and thrown snowballs. Doing this, children could catch a cold, so after that they drank hot tea and ate sweets.

There are lots of snow. I see snow for the second time. It causes the greatest emotions, — the figure skater tells.

The excursion gave the participants of the Games a lot of new experiences. They saw the sled dogs and ride on snowmobiles.

— The institution was built on the basis of a public organization with the support of the regional administration. It is an unique institution, because there is no more similar in Russia, which expenses are covered at the expense of budgetary funds, – said Mr. Dmitriy TRETYAKOV, Director of the Sakhalin center of technical sports.

Today 250 children in 6 sections attend the STSC. They train in equestrian and motorcycle sports, practical shooting, aeromodelling, learn to fly an airplane and jump with a parachute. Trainees regularly participate in Russian and international competitions, where they take first and top places.

Inspired athletes, their coach and parents went to Aina-Tour ethnic village. Girls have never seen so many dogs. The man’s best friends gave children affection and love. And the Head of the ethnic village took the girls for a ride.

— I wish the athletes good luck in the competition. They liked it today. We wrapped them in additional jackets so that they would not get cold. We decided to cut the program, as the athletes are cold, and they have competitions ahead, — said the Head of the ethnic village, Mr. Alexey TKACHENKO.

The competition program for figure skaters begins at Kristall Ice Palace on February 13. Among participants are Syria, the Philippines and many others.