The torch relay took place on Paramushir Island. Weather conditions did not prevent the organizers from carrying the flame through the main streets of the municipality. Residents of the district with their families met torchbearers and actively welcomed them. At this moment the Flame of Games became the center of attraction.

— Today I felt how much people were waiting for this Flame. After the relay, people came to us, took pictures and asked a lot about games. Children hugged us, wished us good luck. I can say that good luck have been with us all these days. We got here great. The weather only helps us. We hope that it will continue,” the fire keeper Mr. Ilyas NURGALIYEV noted.

10 torchbearers took part in the Torch Relay in the Northern Kuriles — they were the best of the best. Among them is Ms. Varvara KRYGINA.
— I am very glad that I took part in the Torch Relay. For me it is a great honor. I wish good luck and success to young athletes, — shared the girl.

Recall the Torch Relay of the 1st Winter Children of Asia International Sports Games started on January 7th. Because of the fact that the weather on the islands of the Kuril ridge is constantly changing, the organizers decided to divide the relay into several stages: each of the three guardians went to a certain area. Mr. Roman TRUBETSKOY visited Kunashir and Shikotan. Ms. Karina GLEBOVA brought the flame to Iturup, and Mr. Ilyas NURGALIYEV brought the torch to the Northern Kuriles. January 18 the Torch Relay starts on Sakhalin. The first place where all the guardians go will be Okha. From there, the fire will continue its march through the rest of the municipalities of the Sakhalin region.
— 360 torchbearers will take part in the Torch Relay. The guardians will visit 35 settlements, and run more than three thousand kilometers. The relay will end on February 9, during the opening of the Games, which will be held at the Spartak stadium of the regional center, — noted the Administration of the Games.
The 1st Winter Children of Asia International Sports Games will be held from 8 to 17 February in 8 sports: biathlon and cross-country skiing, short track, ice hockey, figure skating, alpine skiing, snowboarding, and ski jumping. Sakhalin region on the rights of the receiving side will present two teams at once. In total, 20 countries, more than 1,300 athletes, 600 judges, 1000 volunteers announced their participation. 91 sets of medals will be played off.