Jay Mar, an artist of the Black Star label, performed in front of the Regional Government on the penultimate day of the Children of Asia Games. The singer was born in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, so he was very happy to visit his hometown with a show.

— I was surprised when I arrived and saw how much bustle and traffic there was in the city. I like when such events are held here, because everything around comes alive and refreshed.

The artist said that he was interested in the format and organization of the event, because he has been interested in sports since childhood.

— Played basketball and football, and, of course, skied on the Gorniy Vozdukh Sports and Tourist Resort that is generally necessary if you live in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Now I became interested in ice hockey, I hope that I will be able to watch it at the Games.

According to Jay Mar, events similar to the Children of Asia Games are very important for the young generation.

— First of all, they help develop a sense of purpose, they learn to stand on their own, to go their own way. Any athlete and any person should always believe in what he does, love his work, and, of course, constantly develop in the chosen direction. I hope these Games will give an incentive to continue to do sports to many children. If something did not work out for you this time, work, and next time you will achieve what you want. Be sure to achieve.