Rossiya Russian Airlines, the official carrier of 1st Winter Children of Asia Games, transported athletes from Moscow to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

Before the opening of the 1st Winter Children of Asia Games, long-haul airliners of the Rossiya Russian Airlines, the official carrier of the Games, completed the transportation of participants, fans, volunteers and organizers of the main sports event of the Far East to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. One of the most capacious aircrafts in the fleet of domestic airlines Boeing 777-300ER «Rossiya» transported from Moscow more than 700 participants. All passengers on board could get additional information about the Games.

“I would like to thank the official carrier, Rossiya Russian Airlines, for organizing the flight of the participants in the Children of Asia Games”,- said Mr.Vladimir MAKSIMOV, Director General of the 1st Winter Children of Asia International Sports Games. One of the main organisation purpuse was the logistics. A direct flight across the whole country is an interesting adventure for many young athletes. It was important for organizers, as well as for parents that all long-distance flights were normal. Thanks to the Rossiya Russian Airlines, the participants felt the hospitality of the Sakhalin land, when they were boarding the aircraft in Moscow. All flights arrived on schedule; the emotions of the journey were imprinted on the faces of the children for some of the first in their lives.

Director General Mr.Sergey ALEXANDROVSKY said: “To participate in one of the most significant sports events in our country is a great honor and a great responsibility. ‘Rossiya’ supports sports initiatives — we believe that sport can unite peoples of different cultures. Our goal is that young athletes — the future of the international sport — can improve their results again and again at such wonderful new events as Children of Asia, and today we are extremely happy to be part of this holiday.”

1st Winter Children of Asia International Sports Games are held to spread the ideas of the Olympic movement, develop youth sports and international sports cooperation. The 1st Winter Games will be held with the support of the Government of the Russian Federation, the Olympic Council of Asia, the Olympic Committee of Russia, the Ministry of Sport of Russian Federation and the Government of Sakhalin Region. Participants will determine the strongest ones in such sports as figure skating, ice hockey, short track, alpine skiing, snowboarding, biathlon, cross-country skiing and ski jumping.

“Rossiya” pays great attention to the support of domestic athletes. In 2018, the Airbus A319 “Sportolet” was added to the aircraft fleet of the airline. The aircraft got a unique livery, the main elements of which were stylized images and symbols, representing four sports — football, hockey, rhythmic gymnastics and figure skating. «Rossiya» has gained a successful experience in transporting various sports teams, for example, figure skating and hockey. The airline is equally popular among its passengers and sports teams, demanding compliance with the sport regime and special conditions even during flights.

As part of the “Rossiya” airline’s program to improve the service provided on board to passengers, the airline has already updated the catering on all Far Eastern flights. The “Rossiya” liners are equipped with SIFES mobile streaming servers, which allow passengers to connect personal gadgets to the internal Wi-Fi network, where they can find entertainment content. Young passengers of the airline «Rossiya» on board began to get new travel kits, which include stickers with the possibility of augmented reality. For the convenience of business class passengers, travel kits were introduced. To get feedback from the participants of the competition about the service on board, the airline conducted a special survey on flights en route Moscow — Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk on the eve of the Games. Passengers were asked to fill out a form in which they were able to assess the quality of service on board and leave their wishes, so that the airline could be able to continue working to make the flight even more comfortable.