The 1st Winter Children of Asia International Sports Games come to an end in the island region today. The competitions in eight sports disciplines were held at six sports venues. Before each start, the site is examined by experienced specialists — the personnel of the Rosguardia dog guard service and their loyal friends Osman and Zheida.

An assistant to the Head of the Sakhalin Rosgvardia Department, the Head of the Press Service, a police major Ms. Elena TARATUTINA said that all sports venues are carefully examined every day before the competitions. The check starts two to three hours before the event. During this work, a special role is played by specially trained dogs, who are on the allowance of the Rosguardia and are involved in the checkings of all mass events in Sakhalin.

The most experienced four-legged employee is the Belgian Shepherd Malinois dog named Osman. Osman is almost two years old. It takes about six months to prepare such a valuable assistant. Dogs are focused on finding dangerous explosives. They check the surrounding area, buildings, transport. The search is either with the cynologist, or in a free mode, when the dog itself examines the territory. When a suspicious substance is detected, the shepherd gives a signal — the dog either freezes near the object, or crouches and points the muzzle at it.

For such work, the Sakhalin guardsmen selected this particular breed not random — it stands out for endurance, diligence, and friendliness. Malinois can run for a long distance, because they love to be moving. Osman belongs to the dogs that can grab and bring things, so his trainings were based on a toy. And in case of successful completion of the assignment, the shepherd gets a toy, not a treat. The dogs retire at about the age of eight.

During the competition no suspicious items and substances were found. But the team of the Rosguardia continues to carefully check the objects of the Games. Osman and his four-legged colleagues tirelessly examine the territory of all six sports venues.