The group stage for hockey players is over. And in anticipation of the playoff matches, the young masters of clubs and pucks participated in individual skill contests. Their results, by the way, go to the overall medal table. The representative of Siberia Mr. Gleb TRIKOZOV  showed himself the best in the speed competition. Mr. Vyacheslav LEKAREV and Mr. Roman YERMAK from Kazakhstan are behind him.

The battle of snipers was won by Mr. Seya ISHIDA, Japan, the silver medal went to Mr. Nikita SHCHEGLOV, bronze — to the Ural athlete Mr. Valeriy ZHUGIN. Mr. Nikita KHVOROV from the Siberian team won the penalty shootout competition.

Mr. Ivan CHAISHVILI from Yakutia became the second, the third — Mr. Nurlan ALDIYAR from Kazakhstan.

Mixed relay — one of the most interesting for the spectators and difficult for athletes disciplines of biathlon. On the sixth day of the competition, shooting skiers ran two mixed doubles. In the first race, each team was represented by one boy and one girl. Each of them had to overcome two cross-country stages with four shouting bout. And for three quarters of the distance, the Kazakh athletes Mr. Vadim KURALES and Ms. Arina SHESHUKOVA held the lead.

But biathlon is loved for its unpredictability. Kurales comes to the last shooting bout first and … «shot himself» as athletes say. He spent three spare bullets and still had two penalty loops. That’s what decided the fate of the Kazakhstan duo.  Ms. Anastasia GRISHINA and Mr. Viktor MOLCHANOV from the Siberian Federal District passed the entire distance without a single penalty loop, managed to bypass the intermediate leaders and pick up the gold. The Kazakhs are second, the bronze went to Ms. Carolina TSEREVA and Mr. Roman BOYCHEVSKIY from Sakhalin.

In the second race, each team was represented by two boys and to girls. And the scenario of the race almost exactly repeated the first race. The Kazakhs confidently held the lead until the last shooting. Siberians also held second.Kazakh biathletes also failed the final shooting. They had to run three penalty loops so the Siberian opponents chased them. Finally there are two winners. Both Kazakh and Siberian athletes got gold medals.

The representative of the Ural team was third to cross the finish line. The Golden Four – Ms. Alina TERSKIKH, Ms. Marina DUBOVA, Mr. Aleksander MOZGOVOY, Mr. Oleg DOMICHEK.  The silver medal was taken by Ms. Ulyana ARDALIONOVA, Ms. Vlada VASILCHENKO, Mr. Vladimir KONIVETS, Mr. Danil CHERVENKO. Bronze went to Ms. Lyudmila SOZONTOVA, Ms. Anastasia IL’ENKOVA, Mr. Matvey BELOUSOV and Mr. Alexander MOROZOV.

Today snowboarders competed in the MIXED team event. Parallel Giant slalom was held on the mountain Bolshevik. Pairs from the Urals and Sakhalin qualified for the Finals. The Urals Maria VOLGINA and Yaroslav STEPANKO was ultimately faster than islanders Sofia NADYRSHINA and Anton BELOUSOV. The 3rd place won Elvina FAZYLOVA and Vsevolod MARTYNOV from Bashkortostan.

Another discipline is snowboard-slope style. Athletes do series of acrobatic feats on various jumping hills, pyramids, railings and other barriers on the track. Judges assess the purity and complexity of the tricks. At this time, Varvara SKOCHIGOROVA from UFD won the 1st place.

Her compatriot Anna RUSINOVA won the 2nd place, and the 3rd place won snowboarder Sofia KOZHUKHOVA from SFD . Nikita Abazov and Egor Sharikov from the Sakhalin region won the 1st and 3rd places . The 2nd place won Yusei KAKU.

The flying skiers also had team event today. Kazakhstani athletes Veronika SHISHKINA and Danil VASILIEV jumped the farthest in total. Silver went to Anna BELENOK and Maksim KOLOBOV from Sakhalin. The team from the Urals – Ksenia PISKUNOVA and Ilya MAN’KOV – jumped to deserve a bronze.

Close attention is paid to figure skating at any competition and so. Now on top of it the Korean athlete is in the lead in the women’s program of the Games while there’s just one Russian in top-3. That’s why the men’s short program was observed by the audience very carefully. Favorites are, of course, young Russians. Koreans should not have been discounted, and who knows — someone may perform beyond their capabilities, anything is possible in youth competitions. But in the end everything turned out quite expectedly.

The winner of the Russian Championship-2018 and a trainee of Eteri Tutberidze, one of the best coaches in the world at the moment, Mr. Daniel SAMSONOV did not leave his opponents a single chance. The closest pursuer of Daniel, also from Moscow, Mr. Yegor RUKHIN is 15 points behind the leader, which is a huge gap for figure skating. In third place after the short program is Mr. Maximillian YERMOLIN, an athlete from Tatarstan.  Only a miracle may help the pursuers of Daniel to catch the gold. But still many athletes are claiming the medals. The free program is going to be very interesting.