The second competition day witnessed some intensive battles on mountain slopes. Shooting skiers had their first races. The young masters of short track continued competing. Hockey face offs are gaining momentum.

Alpine skiers are one of the most daring athletes in the world. And the wizards of Super G slalom, are considered to be daredevils even among their colleagues. It’s the second day of competition. And these fearless young warriors started their battles on the slopes of Mount Bolshevik. Despite the cold weather, the snow was literally melting under the skis of the athletes. Even for outsiders it took no more than 2 minutes to overcome a 2.5 km long track.

And the leaders were much faster. For example, in the girls competition, Angelina ZHBANOVA from Moscow was the fastest: she literally flew over the course and crossed the finish line in 01:00.4 minutes after the start. The results of the gold medalist among boys are even more impressive – with 59 and a half seconds the gold is owned by a representative of Moscow, Egor MELBARD. The second place went to a representative of the Siberian Federal District Kirill BUGAEV, he came 4 hundredths of a second after the winner – just think about it!

It was not less exciting at the biathlon course. Boys and girls ran a sprint distance with two stops for shooting. Eventually, as it often happens with biathletes, the best shooter won. Arina SOLDATOVA from the Far Eastern Federal District hit all 10 targets and deservedly won the first place.

Among male biathletes, Vadim KURALES will take the highest award back home to Kazakhstan. Despite two misses, he managed to win thanks to the excellent speed at the distance. The bronze medal went to another skier from Kazakhstan, Danil CHERVENKO.

The battle of short track athletes turned into a triumph of Koreans just like the day before. But unlikely to the previous day, when representatives of this Asian state took the whole podium, this time they took 5 of the six prizes from the competitions among boys and girls. The Young Korean female athletes took gold and silver medals at a distance of 500 meters.

But the third place was taken by a representative of the Ural Federal District Polina NASIBULINA. PARK Hayoon became a gold medalist . The Young male athletes from Korea took all top places. And LEE Eunjae became the best of them.

The “festival of defeats” continues on the ice. On the first day, the Kuwait team lost the match with the Far Eastern hockey players with a score of 0:60. The fans saw fewer rubbers at the meeting between the Siberian Federal District and Sakhalin. But the local fans became upset because of a defeat of Sakhalin team with a score of 1:21.

Japanese hockey fans are also upset. After winning in the first battle, their team gave way to the Far East with a score of 2:12. By the way, the hundredth rubber has been thrown in this match.

Well, in the final match of the Games, the team of the Ural Federal District has won the Kazakh hockey players on a daily basis. The final numbers on the scoreboard are 4-0.