The last type of ski program – team events. Two girls and two boys represent each country or region. Finally, among foreign teams, only Korean got to semi-final. There they lost to the Far East Federal district, as in the fighting for the 3rd place they lost in all four races to Lena LITVINOVA, Artem KHE, Sofia KOVALENKO and Gleb FEDOROV from Sakhalin.

In the final, the teams of the Far East and Moscow competed. The Moscow team, represented by Anastasia TROFIMOVA, Egor MELBARD, Angelina ZHBANOVA and Oleg TURAEV, gave opponents no chance to win. The score stands at 3 to 1 in favour of Moscow team, and the they take the gold medal of the Games.

The Relay for peace at the Children of Asia Games biathletes picked up from skiers. The rules are simple — the team consists of two shooting skiers from different teams. The fighting for the first three places, both in boys and girls relays, was serious. But first at the finish line were the representatives of the Urals and the Far East, Ms. Anastasia ILYENKOVA and Ms. Arina SOLDATOVA. The Sakhalin-Siberian duet Ms. Karolina TSEREVA and Ms. Anastasia GRUSHUNA was 13 seconds slower. The bronze went to the islander Ms. Sofia TUZINSKAYA and the biathlonist from Yakutia Ms. Roxana KHABYTINA.

The boys’ Relay for friendship was interesting to watch too. A pair of athletes Mr. Matvei BELOUSOV from the Urals and the Kazakhstan biathlete Mr. Vadim KURALES wasn’t even in the top three, but in the end they were able not only to catch up with the leaders, but also to win gold. Another Ural-Kazakh duet, Mr. Danil ANOSHKIN and Mr. Sergei VOLOVIK crossed the finish line second. In third place are Mr. Danil POLYANNIKOV from Sakhalin and the Siberian athlete Mr. Evgeny KUZMINYKH.

Ice Hockey medal event is the culmination of the high level winter competitions. The Children of Asia Games were not an exception. Teams of the Far East and Kazakhstan competed in the battle for bronze. And the Kazakhs almost immediately became leaders, having twice distinguished themselves in the first period. In the second period, the Far Eastern team got off the score, but they still didn’t go away from the loss. 5:2 — and the bronze medal is leaving for Kazakhstan.

The final confrontation between the Siberians and the Urals turned out to be very stubborn, and for a long time there were zeros on the scoreboard. The account was opened by the Ural team in the second period, a little later they managed to double the advantage. The Siberians, of course, continued to fight, but the turning point in the game was made, and their rivals did not miss it.

And the final figures on the scoreboard — 5-0 literally to tears upset the Siberians, who were considered the main favorites of the tournament. But such final is quite satisfying for the representatives of the Ural, who became the winners of the 1stWinter Children of Asia International Sports Games.