Competitions in one of the most popular sports in our country – figure skating – started at the Children of Asia Games. The first event is girls’ short program.

Russian figure skaters, of course, were the favorites of the competition. The only ones who could compete with Russians were Korean girls. They have brought a very strong line-up to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and were really claiming to win in this event. That was confirmed by the final results. After the short program event there was only one representative of our country in the top three – Alyona KANISHCHEVA from Moscow.

LEE Haein was just a little bit behind her. And in the first place, with an advantage of more than five points, is a young star of the Korean national team YU Young. Will she be able to keep the lead and take the gold? We will find out on Friday, after free skating event.

On the fifth day of competition the islanders won two medals in snowboarding at once. Silver in slalom went to Sofia Nadyrshina from Sakhalin. In an intensive final race, she lost a little to Maria VOLGINA from the Ural Federal District. Bronze will go to Moscow with Elena KULIKOVA.

As for slalom among boys, a representative of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Artyom ZHMURKO managed to get hold of only the third place. Vsevolod MARTYNOV from Bashkortostan and Yaroslav STEPANKO representing the Urals fought for the highest award. As a result, STEPANKO became the winner.

Today the skiers had to run a mixed relay. Each team was represented by two girls and two boys. Each one of them had to overcome a couple of difficult sections of the Triumph Skiing and Biathlon Center.

The local team was the third to reach the finish line. Sakhalin lost a little more than 13 seconds to the Siberian four. The latter, in turn, lost almost a minute and a half to a Moscow ski quartet, who eventually were the ones to climb the highest step of the podium. Let’s call the winners by name: Kira FEDCHENKO, Alexander KONONOV, Lev NOVIKOV, and Ilya TREGUBOV.

The first hockey match of the day brought together neighbors – representatives of the Siberian and the Far Eastern Federal Districts. The struggle was real. However, in the final segment the Siberians won with a score of 4:1 and enjoyed another victory at the tournament. The final numbers on the scoreboard were 8:3.

The the meeting between teams of Japan and Kuwait was not expected to be too intensive. The southerners, who only had started skating three weeks ago, lost with a high score again – 0:54. In total, the hockey players from Kuwait missed 219 goals in four games, while not having hit the opponents’ gates once. Nevertheless, they were the ones who received the loudest applause and warm support from local hockey fans. And the Sakhalin bandy team even presented the guests game equipment, so that not only ice hockey, but also ball hockey would develop in Kuwait.

During the last match of the group stage, the united team of Kazakhstan easily dealt with the team of Yakutia. Yakut goalkeeper initially has already let through 18 goals. And only in the last period Kazakhs allowed to throw to rivals. But just one. 18: 1-confident victory of the Kazakh masters of hockey.