Dear friends,

it is in these unpredictable and particularly challenging times for the human race, when many people’s way of life is being disrupted for good, when climate change demands bold decisions and new strategies and when the balance of geopolitical power is being calculated anew that sport has more important role than ever before.

It is sport which gives a young person a sounding foundation for understanding and appreciating of the importance of self-discipline. It is sport that teaches the power of ambition and humbleness which lead to self-respect and respect of others. For it is sport which asks every athlete challenging questions and it is in the search for answers to those questions that one finds the best within her and himself. And grows.

Most importantly, sport really builds bridges which might be invisible to the naked eye but are much stronger than the greatest constructions of steel ever created. Bridges that only sport can build are the biggest hope for the world and sound development of human race for they create friendships and bonds that can not be destroyed easily.

In 2016, according to the initiative of the Head of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Yegor Afanasyevich Borisov, the International Committee of Games «Children of Asia» decided to hold the First Winter International Sports Games «Children of Asia”. 1. International sports winter games «Children of Asia» are held in order to promote the ideas of the Olympic Movement, the development of children’s and youth sports and the strengthening of international sports cooperation, in accordance with the Game Concept, approved by the International Committee of the Games «Children of Asia”.

As a president of the International Biathlon Union I am also particularly proud that our sport of biathlon which has created so many great champions who are also great people is part of First Winter International Sports Games “Children of Asia”. International Biathlon Union has so far invested substantial funds into developing of biathlon in Asia and is planning to continue to do so on even greater scale. Being an official discipline of First Winter International Sports Games “Children of Asia” is of big importance for biathlon and the International Biathlon Union.

Please allow me to use this opportunity, to wish you fantastic games, to wish you sporting success and foremost to wish you the enjoyment of  the company of other athletes, coaches and all other people who have put their heart and energy into First Winter International Sports Games “Children of Asia”.


Olle Dahlin

IBU President