The Torch Relay of the 1st Winter Children of Asia Games, which has passed more than 4000 kilometers in 29 towns of the Far East, comes to end. The final stage of the Torch Relay and the Opening Ceremony will take place tomorrow in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, which for 10 days will turning into the capital of winter youth sports. Today, the penultimate stage of the Relay was held in Korsakov — 22 torchbearers carried the Torch through the streets of the port city. There were athletes and trainers, representatives of culture and art, athletes who continue to lead a regular life despite their special needs.

The Relay was starting in the central square in Korsakov — the mayor of the district gave the Torch to figure skater Victoria YAKUNINA, who skated on an improvised rink near the fountain. After that she gave the Torch to Dmitry KHOLOD, who represents the regional society of disabled people.
The Torch Relay went through the central streets of Korsakov, closed in a ring and again returned to the square in front of the city administration. Anastasia PARAKHINA, representative wrestling school in Korsakov and the champion of the 5th Children of Asia Games in 2012, carried the Torch to the finish.

After the Relay in Korsakov, the Flame visited Solovyovka, where local athletes and schoolchildren were waiting for it right on the road. After that, the Torch Relay went to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, where the Opening Ceremony of the Games will be held tomorrow.