Representatives of the regional office of Federal Service for Oversight of Consumer Protection and Welfare and Department of Medical Care of the Regional Ministry of Health Care told about the preparation for International Games today.

Preparations started last year. Federal Service for Oversight of Consumer Protection and Welfare specialists held seminars with enterprises heads. Department employees organized vehicles disinfection

— Closer to the Games people involved in the Games will be checked up for intestinal infections, — said MS. Galina KOVTONYUK, Deputy Head of Federal Service for Oversight of Consumer Protection and Welfare for Sakhalin Region.

The island inhabitants will be protected against infections too. Sanitary-quarantine control of all arriving delegations will be established at the border. This is necessary to prevent the spread of various diseases. There are measles, influenza, polio and other infections in the participating countries. A thermal imager that shows the temperature of the human body will be used to identify the patients.

— If there are participants of the Games among all people leaving the plane, even if it is a regular flight, they all have to pass the control. If someone has a high temperature, this guest will be isolated from Sakhalin. It is also expected to poll the crew and passengers, which will be carried out by the employee of the sanitary-operational station, — added Ms. Gaina KOVTONYUK.

16 organizations will participate in the medical support of Children of Asia Games: 10 main and 6 reserved. Teams of the medical exercises dispensary, ambulance crews and paramedics of city clinics will work at each site of the international event.

– This will not affect the main activities of medical services for the Sakhalin region residents; we carried out the relevant work, — said Irina Hegay, the Deputy Director of the Department of medical care organization. — We observed a rise in the incidence of SARS and influenza in February, so we tried to provide for all possible variants. If necessary, 6 paramedic brigades from the districts of the region will be involved.

Medical College volunteers will be also on duty at all sites where the games will be held. They will assist their senior colleagues. A special call center with a single phone number will be organized during the games to coordinate the activities of all medical services representatives.

— If necessary, we are ready to hospitalize participants under 14 in the children’s regional hospital, those who are older will be sent to the regional clinical hospital. Ankudinov City Hospital is in reserved – said at the briefing.

During the organization of the 1st Winter Children of Asia International Children Sports Games, special attention was paid to immunization of people who are involved in its realization. So, more than a thousand people are vaccinated against influenza. In addition, there was a vaccination against rubella, measles and viral hepatitis A.