Today, the city school of art hosted a solemn rewarding of those who took part in the action, which is aimed at supporting the athletes of the 1 st Winter Children of Asia International Sports Games. More than 140 people took part in it. Children drew skiers, snowboarders, figure skaters, hockey players — the main characters of the 1 st Children of Asia International Sports Games. The works will be handed over to the athletes of the Sakhalin Region national team as support.

— The action does not end, it is gaining momentum. Children with disabilities from other districts also joined the auction. Boys and girls do crafts and draw. In general, they do everything they want. All works will be transferred to us later. We will exhibit them at sports facilities, where competitions will be held, and athletes will be able to take them as a gift, — told the press service of the Directorate.

Young artists painted their works on canvases of A2 and A3 size. Each child has chosen his form and materials. Kids worked with markers, gouache, oily pastel, and pencils.

— I tried to only advise them. It is completely their creativity. Someone just looked at photos, and someone went deep and began to study rules of a sport, stock, — told the art teacher Mr Vladimir Berezovsky.

Olya Kim drew biathletes who overcome one of the stages of the ski track. Of course, she first wanted to draw figure skating, like most girls, but following the advice of the teacher she decided to choose another sport.

— The theme of “biathlonism” was touched only a little. Moreover, I think biathletes are under more stress. They need to overtake rivals and they need accuracy during the firing line, — shared the girl. — I want to wish them not to worry. Because anxiety leads to other failures.

Masha Yagodkina is 7 years old. She drew a girl who learns to ski.
— My mom likes alpine skying. That’s why I decided to draw It. I like this competetion. I will root for our athlets. – said Masha.

Any person can support the island athletes. To do this, you need to come up with a cheer, a motto, draw a picture, write a song or come up with your own format. You can send all this to the email address Creative works of Sakhalin residents will be handed over personally to the athletes before the games.