According to the rules of the Games, a Flower Ceremony takes place immediately after the competition is over, and the medals are awarded to athletes in the evening.

Medals and plush mascots of the Games were awarded to the athletes by Guests of Honor. Among them were Ms. Samira ASGHARI, Member of the International Olympic Committee, Mr. Anton ZAITSEV, Deputy Chair of Sakhalin Region Government, Ms. Anastasia DAVYDOVA, Secretary General of the Russian Olympic Committee, Mr. Dmitry GLUSHKO, President of the Children of Asia Games International Committee, and others.

Vast majority of the prizes went to athletes from Russia. Representatives of the teams from Siberian and Ural Federal Districts, Moscow, and Sakhalin Region have climbed the podium today.

– It was an awesome sensation. I still haven’t realized that I’ve won. I could hardly wait for this ceremony to finally take my award, – Ilya TREGUBOV, the winner of the cross-country skiing competition, shared his impressions.

For Kirill BUGAEV, from the team of the Siberian Federal District, these are the first competitions of such a large scale. The athlete was one step away from gold; he received the silver medal of the Games.

— What shall be shall be. I am satisfied with my result. No need to get upset. We must go further, and this is all good experience. I am very glad that I came to Sakhalin, to the Games. The Championship of Russia waits for us and the Games has become an excellent training, — the participant in alpine skiing competition said.

Other teams to climb the podium tonight were Korea and Kazakhstan. The coaches of the winners were also celebrated. Coaches of ‘golden’ athletes were also awarded medals.

Medal Awarding Ceremonies will be held daily at 8 p.m.