«Our island is rich and glorious with, Kindness and generosity of the human, Took all the boys decently with open soul! » — sings to the accordion Lyubov Lisova. 30 of the past 80 years the pensioner has been vocal in the town’s house of culture «Rodina». In the team called «Ivushki» Lyubov not only solo, but also is the author of many songs. Such a large event as the 1st winter Children of Asia did not leave the woman indifferent. She wrote a number of ditties and presented them to Yuzhno-Sakhalin’s local public organization of disabled people «Edelweis».

— The 1st winter Children of Asia International Sports Games is very cool. All people go inspired. As I sang in ditties, laughter is heard everywhere, the streets are full of young people, — Lyubov Lisova shares, — it all inspires, but we help not only with the word. Here a couple of days ago there was a case in the clinic. I was standing in line and keep my eyes on the boy in the green uniform. It’s volunteer. So, I asked if he is sick? He’s embarrassed, smiling. We all laughed, I suggested we skip the line. Of course, all agreed and missed the youngster.

Such cases are not rare. Specialists of different branches help visitors even if it does not concern their sphere of activity.

— The currently available emergency situations show that employees of the Ministry of emergency situations of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk are ready to perform tasks, including in conditions not quite typical for themselves. For example, the day before the skier from India hurt her ankle. Rescuers arrived at the scene. It turned out that the victim doesn’t speak English, as well as the doctor. The medic got the necessary information from the rescuer, who acted as an interpreter. Found out the issue with pain relief remedies and also to make sure that transportation to the clinic will be safe – the head of the press service of the main Department of EMERCOM of Russia on the Sakhalin region Alexander Uvelskiy said.

The case occurred in the change of the head of the search and rescue unit №4 Sakhalin search and rescue detachment of the Russian Algesa of Mages. Meijes and his colleagues are on duty both at sports facilities-ski slopes and descents, jumps – and at the places of residence of athletes. In total, 345 people from the fire supervision services and the Ministry of Emergency Situations, as well as 42 units of equipment are involved in ensuring the safety of the competition.

Another unique case occurred on 11 February. Young skier from Afghanistan Khan Agha Tahiri was injured. The incident happened at Gorniy Vozdukh Sports and Tourist Resort during a competition. Making downhill from the mountain, the guy hit the flag, located on the track. The athlete was taken to hospital, called the surgeon. But not because of the injury, but because of the language barrier. Shukhrat Dzhurakulov is a doctor and he’s from Tajikistan. The man is the only person in the hospital who was able to talk to a young Afghan who knows neither Russian nor English. The fact is that the language of Tajikistan and Afghanistan belongs to the same language group.

— I didn’t do anything supernatural, everyone would have done so. Simply our languages are similar, I understand him, and so does he, — Shukhrat Dzhurakulov comments, — But the main thing in this situation’s not my translation, but it was operation. The guy came to the competition from poor village, and such an operation in his homeland would have little. The cost of the pin, which stands in the leg, more than 10 thousand rubles. Now the guy feels well, his leg does not hurt.

Thanks to the emergency operation, the guy was able to move around the hospital the next day and he is waiting for discharge. This and other cases confirm that it is not necessary to be a volunteer or an organizer of the 1st winter Children of Asia International Sports Games to make the stay of visiting athletes and guests more comfortable and welcoming. After all, we are not rivals, but friends. We’re Asian.