A limited series of badges with symbols of Sakhalin was released in celebration of the Children of Asia Games. Getting one of them now seems to be the main goal for hundreds of fans and participants of the Games and guests of the island. Every morning long lines build up at each of the pick-up points. Badges are being taken at a flying skier’s speed. Some collectors start waiting for them long before the opening hours of sports venues.

 I love everything that has to do with history and culture of Sakhalin. This collection itself is very beautiful, besides, it is associated with such a large-scale event, – says Olga SOLDATOVA, who has just received her first badge.  Yesterday I asked my granddaughter to register me on Instagram, to follow this event. I really want to collect the entire set.

– My nephew is playing hockey for team Sakhalin, – says another lady from Sakhalin. – I came from Poronaysk, and I’m planning to collect all the badges and give them to him after the Games. He really likes the collection, but he has no time.

Many come with their families, and collect sets for their relatives and friends.

– Now we are gathering a collection for ourselves, and afterwards we want to have time to obtain another set and send it to our friend in Japan, – the Zotov family confessed.

– Today we have collected two entire sets! – reports Larisa BORODINA excitedly. – We’ll keep one, and the other I want to give to my brother. Yesterday he turned fifty. I think this will be a very memorable gift!

Despite the queues, it takes 2-3 hours to collect an entire set.

Recall that you still have a chance to assemble this limited series of badges with Sakhalin symbols celebrating the Children of Asia Games. At each site you can get only one type of badge, so collecting a set is a kind of a mini-quest. Along with the badges free tickets to museums are given out. Badges are distributed free of charge at seven venues in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk:

* Gora Parkovaya – souvenir tent

* Gorniy Vozdukh – information desk

* Sakhalin Regional Art Museum

* Chekhov Book Museum

* ‘Russia – My History’ Museum

* Sakhalin Regional History Museum

* Pobeda Museum & Memorial