The inauguration of the camp of the 1st Winter Children of Asia International Sports Games volunteers took place on Sakhalin on February 5.

Stolitsa Congress Hall brought together 1,000 volunteers from different districts of Sakhalin Region, other regions of Russia, and from abroad – China, Korea, and Mongolia. Head of the Region Mr. Valery LIMARENKO, and leaders of the Games Administration came to congratulate the participants of the large-scale event.
The highlight of the evening was an On-Par Dialogue with the Head of the region, Mr. Valery LIMARENKO. He told about himself, talked with volunteers, and they shared their expectations about the upcoming event, and also voiced what were their main goals and tasks at the Games.
Pavel BONDARENKO is one of the Team Leaders. In order to participate in the preparations for the event, he took leave at work and came to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk together with his wife Elena and daughter Anastasia.
– We had a great experience as a family in organizing an athletics run, annually held in Kholmsk, where we were among coordinators. Last year, we worked together again as volunteers at the WorldSkills Russia finals, where we worked in catering. And now we decided to try our abilities at an international event. I took up transport logistics, and my wife and my daughter will be engaged in catering, – the head of the family shared.

Ma Wenjia, or Lucya, as she is called in Russia, came from China. She came to Sakhalin as a volunteer from St. Petersburg, where she studies at the Peter the Great University majoring in Intellectual Systems. In addition to her native language, she speaks Russian and English. Her function at the Games will involve working with Russian and foreign athletes at the competitions.

– I have been living in Russia for four years, for me it is already like a second home, so I want to dedicate my strength to this beautiful country. The Children of Asia Games will be a good preparation for me before the Winter Olympics in China, since for me this is the first international experience of volunteering, – said the guest from the Celestial Empire. – I really like it in Sakhalin, St. Petersburg is a big and bustling city, but here it is quiet and cozy. I live in the dormitory of Sakhalin State University, living conditions are very good, I have a double room, and all the staff are very kind people. On the first day we were very tired and wanted to eat from after our travel – they immediately fed us with delicious food.

As part of the opening ceremony, volunteers from different regions and countries had their presentations on stage, and volunteers from Mongolia awed the audience with an exciting folk dance in national costumes. After that Mr. Georgy BILMAN from Krasnoyarsk, who has the experience of the leading volunteer staff at the Football World Cup in Russia, held a training for volunteers. Within framework of the volunteer camp, he will continue trainings with volunteers until the start of the international competitions.