In order to introduce the participants of the 1st Winter Children of Asia International Sports Games to unique environment of the island region, the organizers of the large-scale event regularly take guest-athletes to sightseeing tours around Sakhalin.

Recently, athletes from the Philippines had a lucky chance to ride snowmobiles and dog sleds at the Technical Sports Center. Today, a delegation of Indian athletes went to a reindeer herding farm, where young figure skaters, led by a team manager, were able to take a look at the life of spotted deer and Yakut horses. For guests from such a hot country, this has become a real exotic experience. The Indians were so keen on feeding animals, that they completely forgot about the Sakhalin frost. Surprisingly, the guests turned out to be very cold-tolerant.

– We are delighted with Sakhalin. Despite the cold, this is a great place and we are very happy to be here. In India, we also have deer parks, but they are totally different; we have more arid zones, that is why we have other animals. We haven’t yet seen such deer like yours, – said the team manager Mr. Mahendra TATED.

According to his students, local deer and horses are very cute and friendly animals.

– Very unusual. Today it is as cold as 28 degrees C, and we come from a warm country, where it is +45 C now. But we feel quite comfortable and it is awesome to be on such an exciting trip, – noted figure skaters Anandhu AJAYRAJ and Priyam TATED. – We are happy to participate in the Children of Asia Games. We are getting a valuable experience that can later be applied in our sports careers.

During the trip, the participants were offered hot sweet tea and had a chance to warm themselves at a char grill. The representative of the Indian delegation expressed gratitude to the administration of the Sakhalin Region and personally to Russian President Vladimir PUTIN for the good organization of the event and the cultural program.

– The Games are arranged at a very high level, volunteers provided us assistance at all stages, starting from the airport in Moscow and up to arrival in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. We came from a warm place, and we are grateful that here we have a reception that is equally warm, – concluded Mr. TATED.

Spotted deer are a very rare species. Currently, the farm has 400 heads; by the next year it is planned to increase the population to 1,000. 22 heads of Yakut horses were brought from Yakutia. The owner of the farm personally went to the homeland of the Children of Asia Games to select the best animals.

– We want our farm to become a landmark natural park on Sakhalin and be known not only in the Sakhalin Region, but throughout the world. We are always happy to have guests from other countries. Foreigners visit this place once a week, but we are sure that this summer there will be even more guests, – said Mr. HYUN Dok Soo, CEO of Ros-Agro Company.