About three thousand people eat at the Children of Asia Games every day. Most of them are guests from other countries. The list also includes volunteers, service specialists, as well as organizers, and journalists.

Breakfasts, lunches and dinners are served at 25 catering venues. A daily complex menu was developed for the athletes. The menu includes various dishes. We took into account the wishes of individual teams. For example, the representatives of the united team from Kuwait asked to pay special attention to poultry meat. The residents of the warm country even examined the raw products from which workers cook meat dishes.

— The rate of calories per day is 3100 for teenagers and adults. Our menu is designed for about five and a half thousand. We understand that they are athletes, their energy consumption is higher, it is very cold outside and they need energy to heat the body. Everyone is full and satisfied, we have a lot of positive reviews in the complaint and suggestion book, — Minister of Trade and Commerce of the Sakhalin Region Ms.Inna PAVLENKO said.

Every day athletes eat about 2 tons of bread and the same amount of fruit, and for dinner people cook 800 liters of soup. The canteen workers say that participants like baking and spaghetti very much.

— I limit myself to food because I need to keep myself in shape. I do not eat junk food, all sorts of chips. It’s important not to weigh more than 60 kg, so I don’t eat that much, but there is delicious food here, ”— said the winner of today’s short track competition Nasen AYBEK.

The best cooks work for the Games participants. Total number is 90 person. 15 of them are involved in Sakhalin Association of Cookery Experts and Restaurateurs.

—Generally other countries residents eat not like us. They take a big plate and put every type of food but bit. And what is more they have soups for breakfast so we cook beef or chicken broth  specially for them. Tomorrow we are cooking traditional soup for the Vietnamese with separate broth and shallow vegetables corrugation and they can configure the dish on their own, — a chief cook Egor MARINYCH said. Also we encourage them, sometimes we joke that we won’t feed them without medals.

Besides the cooks are going to cheer up the Games medalists individually. Today the Cookery experts think of congratulation form.

Part of the products used for cooking were provided by Sakhalin manufacturers. There are local vegetables, meat, eggs and dairy products on the athletes’ tables.