Koreans continue to destroy everyone in short track, Sakhalin is successful in cross-country skiing and snowboarding, and the Kuwaitis keep losing game after game. Such was the third competition day at the Children of Asia Games.

First, about hockey. This may seem illogical: in other events medals are awarded every day, while ice hockey is still at group stage. The unexpected reason for such interest is the performance of the Kuwaiti team. Athletes from this country continue setting their unlucky records.

If in the starting game of the tournament Kuwait lost with 0:60 score, then in the second battle the Siberian Federal District team beat them with 0:77 final score – results that do not inspire optimism. However, there are two more games for team Kuwait to score at least one goal at the tournament.

Meanwhile, local audience decided to unite to support the guests from the south. A flashmob is expected at their next game. Nevertheless, the Far Eastern District team did not need a flash mob to win.

They beat Sakhalin hockey players and scored five goals, while their own gates remained sealed. During the last battle of the day, the Yakutians had no mercy for the Turkmen team, who lost with 2:17 score.

The third day of the Games was successful for Sakhalin skiers.  The hosts of the Games won two medals in freestyle race. In boys competition, second place went to local athlete Stepan KHOMIK. The first place went to Ilya TREGUBOV from Moscow. An epic event for the Winter Games happened in the girls’ competitions: Anna KOZHINOVA from Sakhalin became a two-time champion of the Games. A couple of days ago, she won the sprint classic style, but this time she won the gold medal in the 5 km free style race.

Parallel giant slalom athletes tested their strength on Mount Bolshevik slopes. For Sakhalin athletes the scenario of their ski competitions repeated. Artyom ZHMURKO from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk literally was on the verge of coming first.

In the final race he lost a tiny bit to Yaroslav STEPANKO from the Ural Federal District. But among girl slalomists Sofia NADYRSHINA was the leader. In the final race the islander came ahead of Maria VOLGINA from the UFD.

The situation in short track is still the same. Representatives of the Land of the Morning Calm didn’t give a chance to anybody today, as usual.

Three representatives of this country went to the finals at a kilometer distance both for boys and girls, and eventually took all the medals. The highest awards of Children of Asia went to JANG Yeonjae and PARK Geonnyeong. Now short track athletes have only one event left – relay. And this is the last chance for the rest of the world to earn a place beside the Koreans.